The mergence of two different company cultures

In 2015, Degroof Petercam arose from the mergence of two banks. A more traditional, reserved investment bank versus a more contemporary, straightforward one. When two such different brands merge, the challenge is to create a new brand universe that respects both cultures, while enthusing all employees over their shared future.

The symbol was made out of the initials of both names. Opposites in perfect harmony, endlessly in movement. Bold but friendly, a contemporary but established value.

For the logo we tweaked the serif typeface Romain. Some serif letters turned into sans letters. This mix of both tradition and modernity reflects the new identity concept.

Communication tools

View in part 2 of the bank Degroof Petercam case story how the visual identity lives on all communication tools.

Degroof Petercam
Visual Identity

All images shown are simulations made for presentations to the client, we delivered a guideline which the client will use to implement the identity.

Sander Vermeulen Creation visual identity and Design Direction
Fran Van de Velde Design stationery
Simon Demeuter Design pictograms

Credits for contributions not shown above: rationalising the visual identity into a comprehensive guideline and design of other applications Fran Van de VeldeEdouard Pecher and Lea Wolf; development online guideline Steve Piron; Art Direction Photography Dimitri Jeurissen and Sander Vermeulen; seniority at key presentations Thierry Brunfaut; Business Development Dimitri Jeurissen and Fabian Jean Villanueva; budget Fumi Congan; planning Lola Philippart

Done at and in collaboration with Base Design