Fascinated by the paradox between the building, an icon of ideological power, and Haus der Kunst‘s flexible and adventurous programming we proposed the concept of elasticity. Based on this idea we focused on the qualities of flexibility, resilience, and adaptability.

Various perspectives

A stretchable system that willl allow you to look at things from various angles & perspectives by moving and changing position, by linking what you know with new ideas, viewpoints, and topics you didn’t even know you were interested in.

Stretch your view

A inspiring promise, a 3-word summary of a 6-page vision. According to Haus der Kunst director Okwui Enwezor: “The relationship between form and content, between a solid, unyielding shell outside and the greatest elasticity inside, is what should characterize the work of Haus der Kunst.”

Curiosity sherpa

The internet is overwhelming us with mountains of images and content, we proposed Haus der Kunst to be our curiosity sherpa. By creating a Stretch your view column the museum will broaden your mind by showing you the way to related and surprising topics. Moreover, the museum isn’t the only source of content, it needs to become a connector.

Haus der Kunst
Contemporary Art Museum
Munich, Germany

Sander Vermeulen Creative Direction and Design
Jasmine De Bruycker Research and Strategy
Contributions by Dimitri JeurissenThierry Brunfaut and Arno Baudin
Website in collaboration with Constant MathieuPierre SmeetsDamien Aresta and Liesbeth Willeart
Implementation of the identity by Chris Goennawein

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